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German and Prussia History

From 1815 to 1847 –          The restored rulers of the German states would reverse/weaken any reforms from the Napoleonic period –          Student fraternities (Burschenschaft) the most radical element in Germany Conservative Historian assassinated, Metternich convinces Emperor of Austria/King of Prussia to institute the Carlsbad Decrees (dissolve fraternities & censorship) –          Further revolts towards 1830 German…

Scientific Taxonomy

–      the study of categorizing organisms   Binomial Nomenclature – two-part scientific naming of organisms –      the first word identifies the genus and the second word is the species Example: Ursus americanus – Ursus horribilis – Ursus arctos – Ursus maritimus – NOTE: the format: capitals and italics Levels of Classification (7) or Taxa: “King…

External Influences Affecting the Marketing Mix

Economic Influence

Economic Trends
Domestic and International Trade

Competitive Influence

Market Structure
Competitive Strategy
Competitive Position

Social and Demographic Influences

Demographic Trends
Ecological Concerns

Technological Influence

Research and Development Investment
Information Technology

Legal and Regulatory Influence

Federal Laws/Regulations
Provincial Laws/Regulations

Synaptic Transmission

> synapse: spaces between neurons, or between neurons and effectors > vesicles containing chemical neurotransmitters are located at the end of neuron axons Electrical Signals: > electrical impulses moving along the axon stimulate the release of neurotransmitters Chemical Signals: > neurotransmitters are released from the presynaptic neuron and diffuse across the synaptic cleft > neurotransmitters…